Gannet Capital is a Sydney based privately owned, boutique investment management company.

Gannet Capital’s investment philosophy is to provide compelling risk reward investment opportunities to sophisticated investors with a focus on capital preservation.

Limited partners in Gannet Capital’s family of funds are comprised of institutions, family offices and sophisticated high net-worth individuals.

Gannet Capital is currently responsible for the management of a number of investments including;

  • The MVP (Marcy Venture Partners) Fund, a venture capital Fund based in California, this investment initiative & partnership brings together world-class investors, entrepreneurs and company builders with differentiated access and expertise across the technology, consumer, digital media and entertainment industries.
  • The Investment Partners of the MVP Fund are; Jay Z (Shawn Carter), Jay Brown and Larry Marcus, in addition, Gannet Capital is a member of the Funds’ Investment Advisory Committee.

Gannet Capital previously was a cornerstone investor in Catch Group, Australia's leading online shopping website, Yellow Brick Road, a diversified wealth management services group, Clearview Wealth Ltd, as well as having established several SPV's for concentrated significant stakes in Australian listed equity opportunities.



Alignment of interests is a critical aspect of Gannet Capital’s business model and culture. This is achieved through the following:

  • Gannet Capital’s principals investing a material proportion of their net worth in Gannet Capital; and
  • Gannet Capital’s team is incentivised as a direct result of performance of funds.

Through our co-investment model, we are highly competitive and motivated to succeed.